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Thursday, February 16, 2012

24 going on......

I decided that my official, first post on this blog would be on my birthday so I made a list of things that I saw as "gifts" throughout the day. 24 gifts on my 24th birthday 1) I woke up this morning and 2) went to a job I love 3) Heard my current-favorite song on my way to work ("Alive" by Natalie Grant) 4) My grandmother left a heart-warming message on my cell phone 5) Was surprised by a visit from my mom and sisters at work; they brought me 6) lots of lovely roses (!) 7) Texts and calls from friends 8) Encouraging notes, birthday blessings 9) Fabulous Facebook phrases from family and friends :-) 10) Good memories of the birthday tea party we had last Sunday 11) RAIN! (okay that's the farm girl in me looking forward to spring planting) 12) Gorgeous sunset 13) Coming home; being greeted by the animals 14) 4 little children running to meet me as I walk through the door yelling "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELL!!!! " and wrapping around my legs 15) Reminded who I am: a princess - daughter of the King of kings; loved and sought after by Him 16) Steak dinner (home-raised) 17) Homemade cherry pie and vanilla ice cream 18) Blew out all twenty-four candles in one breath 19) Handmade decorations (sister Bethany) 20) Lots of laughter around the dinner table 21) Loving gifts 22) A beautiful strap for my guitar 23) Visit from a friend 24) Jam session (harmony to end the day)