Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me... Let me be singing when the evening comes!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ask The One Who Knows

 Words I heard on the way to work this morning (from a song off the Franz Family's "Who At My Door Is Standing" CD) coupled with pictures I found online:

  Jesus I am thankful for all You've given me
And I'm asking for Your help Lord to be all You'd have me be

With an humble voice I cry out from a world filled with pain
Please help me see the sunshine and look beyond the rain

I'm asking You 'cause You know how to heal a heart and clear the doubt
You can take away the hurt and make it all work out
I'm asking You 'cause You know how


May I always be aware of the blessings that You bring
And may You always be the reason I lift my voice and sing

Teach me faith and guide me and show me how to stand
Through trying times that face me Lord I know You can

 ("I'm Asking You" by: Shawn Lane)

This last picture is by artist Kelly O'Neill. This is what she shares about the story behind "Mine for a Moment." After losing a close friend, she "was struggling to balance loving fiercely with a willingness to let go." GOD showed her this picture in her mind, and she painted it. "...a little girl was playing in the field with her father. He had just let go of her hand, and she was running away, but smiling back at him. I knew that this image represented the attitude I was to have about the people I treasure most in my life."   (Information from another person's blog.)